Issues in the Bedroom Can Lead to Issues in a Relationship – Luckily, Help is Out There!

There can be a multitude of issues that can affect your sex life, and many of them can be somewhat of a touchy subject to begin with. For starters, not all men and women are so readily willing to admit they might be struggling with some kind of problem, or they do so in private. However, these issues are more common than you might think.


In fact, a recent study found that almost 30% of men on average, aged 18-75 either currently struggle with premature ejaculation, or have struggled with it at some point in their lifetime. Women, especially over the age of 40, struggle with low libido or a lack of desire. Both of these problems can be caused by a variety of reasons, from age and inexperience, to stress and anxiety or even a lack of intimacy from your sexual partner.

When Sex Leads to Other Issues…

Whether or not we want to talk about ‘problems in the bedroom’, and what could be causing them, if they are becoming an issue in your sex life, there’s a chance they could become an even bigger issue in your relationship. A lack of confidence can come from both partners, or a feeling of inadequacy. While sex certainly isn’t everything when it comes to a strong and healthy relationship, it does provide a form of intimacy that is virtually unrivaled by any other aspect of a relationship, and it is important in order to feel a sense of full closeness with your partner.

Whatever the reason, there is hope. Of course, if you feel as though your struggles with things like premature ejaculation, low libido, or even delayed ejaculation may be something serious and health-related, either physically or mentally, it’s important to check with your doctor and get a complete overall physical exam. Sometimes something as simple as a change in diet and exercise can improve not only your overall health, but your sexual experience as well.


Find Your Solution

In today’s world, thankfully, there are several solutions to help with a multitude of sexual issues. The first, and possibly the most inexpensive solutions are simple techniques that you can try without having to purchase anything, or get a diagnosis from a doctor. Exercises like deep breathing and tantric techniques have been known to sometimes help in a variety of situations, especially when couples focus on them together. Sex therapy is an option for couples who have gotten to the point of a negative sex life cutting into the rest of their relationship, or performing these breathing exercises in the quiet and comfort of your own home can help you to concentrate on each other, and moments of intimacy. If you find yourself in a committed relationship, getting your partner involved when it comes to aiding in any issues you may have can not only help them to understand what you’re going through, but allow them to be encouraging, instead of frustrated. Everyone is different and can struggle differently with these types of problems. If these strategies don’t work for you, you might consider taking the next step into the world of sex products that claim to help, whether they are diagnosed by a doctor, or your own curiosity for something more.

Obviously, if your sexual shortcomings turn out to be a medical issue, it’s important to get help and advice from your doctor. This is typically rare, and prescription drugs are not needed for most men with issues like premature ejaculation, or most women with a lower libido, but as stated above, it’s important to know for sure that the ‘problem’ isn’t part of a deeper issue going on with your body.

Once you’ve found out that your issue isn’t medically-related, it can be both a relief, and a bit of confusion as to what to do next. Chances are, if you’ve done any research for solutions to your problem, you’ve come across a multitude of over-the-counter or orderable products online or in pharmacies, claiming to be the absolute solution and cure for any sexual shortcomings. Pills, creams, lotions, and balms are typically the featured products used to make these claims.


Know Your Options, and What They Can Do

While some men and women may have had some success with these products, there can be somewhat unnerving side-effects that go along with a few of them. Some can be less severe, such as mild itching or discomfort. However, some can be more serious, causing more damage than good, and can even have side effects on your sexual partner as well.

Other issues that can go along with these products may be less ‘medical’, but they certainly don’t fulfill their purpose when it comes to achieving the best possible sexual experience for both you and your partner. Some products require you to use them every single day, and some take hours before they allow you to feel any sort of effect.

What might be even worse?

Even with products that require daily use, their effects can be short-lived. Everyone’s struggle with sexual problems is different, and whether you find yourself not ‘lasting’ a long time, not being able to ‘finish’, or simply not having a sex drive at all, you can decide what feels right and comfortable for you and your partner when it comes to products that can help.

Possible side effects aside, some of these products can truly provide the boost your sex life needs, no matter what your struggles may be. As far as healthy relationships go, it’s important to express your sexual needs and desires, even if it means admitting defeat toward a bit of embarrassment. Chances are, as long as you are open and honest with your partner, your sex life can be a healthy one, and more often than not, your partner will be supportive of whatever decision you choose to make in finding help for your sexual struggles. Do your research, find what works best for you, and take control of your sex life once again. You, your partner, and your whole relationship will be healthier and stronger once you do.


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