Tips & Tricks for Great One Night Sex Venture

Sometimes a one-night stand is exactly what you need. Whether it’s simply because you’re horny, because you’ve just got out of a relationship and need something simple, or because you want to cut loose and just have a good time – there are all kinds of reasons.

The trouble is this: everyone has a story about a one-night stand that went bad.

How can you avoid a comically awful one-nighter, and instead have a passionate and complication-free one-night sex adventure? Read on to find out…


Give Yourself Permission

When engaging in a one-night stand the most important thing you can do is give yourself permission to go ahead. It can be all too easy to worry about what other people might think, or about the way society expects us to behave. If you’re spending your time worrying about these things rather than focussing on having a good time, you’re going to end up not enjoying yourself in the slightest. Let go of the idea that people are judging you – and give yourself permission to have a good time.

Have Protection Ready


It goes without saying that when sleeping with someone you don’t know that well, protection is a must. Plan beforehand what you’re going to use, and have it to hand close by your bed. There’s nothing worse than having to interrupt a session that’s just getting hot and heavy to get up and go ferreting around for a condom. Worse still is finding out that neither of you have one, and having to curtail your night of spontaneous passion while one of you runs to the shop!

Take The Opportunity To Experiment

Being with someone who you don’t know and are never going to see again is a fantastic opportunity to experiment, or try something you have never tried with a long-term partner. Whatever it is, make sure to discuss it beforehand and check that they’re into it! If they are, then go for it. You can try a new sexual position, a kink or fetish of some kind, or just a technique that you read about on the internet. If it isn’t a hit… well, who cares? At least you tried it.

Hug Before You Say Goodbye

Although it may seem a little counter-intuitive, give your one-night stand a hug or a cuddle before you say goodbye. A little dose of close physical contact can really help to put a full-stop at the end of the night, and ensure that both of you go away feeling satisfied. In this way you ensure that you aren’t going to feel subconsciously that things were incomplete – and end up wanting a repeat of the night. If cuddling is not your thing, of course, there are a multitude of ways to wrap things up. You can walk them to the door and wave them goodbye, or else make them breakfast before you both head off to work. The important thing is that any departure is not rushed or awkward.

Be Realistic About Your Expectations


It’s fair to assume that you’ll both know why you’re there, but just the same it’s best to be honest if the subject comes up in conversation. Don’t lie to your one-night stand about what you want, or about your desire to see them again. Be honest – even if you are only planning on sharing a single night together, you can still respect them as a person. Explain that you’re just looking for a little bit of fun, and don’t want to get involved in anything serious right now. You’ll be surprised by just how well they might take it – and you’ll feel way more at ease with yourself and with the arrangement when you know that you’re both on the same level.

Have An Exit Plan

This final point might be one of the most important ones: plan how your one-night stand is going to leave. It may be that they have to spend the night at your place, before taking off in the morning. Or it may be that they can get a taxi home the same night. Whatever is going to happen, you should know in advance. Plan it out and make sure you have what you need – this could be the number of a local taxi company, or simply a polite and legitimate reason why they need to take off: perhaps you have to be in work early in the morning, or you have breakfast plans the next day. Whatever exit plan you come up with, make sure to communicate it to your one-night lover – and make sure to do so before it’s time for them to leave.

Have Fun!

With these tips and tricks in mind, your one night of passion should go over with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of fun. Take care of yourself, and enjoy!

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