How to Have Her Dripping Wet For You

Before even getting inside her body get inside her head to make her want you even more.

See what Roder did the other day…


He has me cornered. Backed up into door of the hotel room. He’s trailing slow soft kisses up the side of my neck. A soft gasp escapes my lips. The moment they part his own soft lips enrapture mine. With a gentle sucking his mouth moves deeper into my own. His tongue grazes mine. His right hand is on my hips. His thumb rubbing the exposed skin between my shirt and jeans. His left hand is under my shirt and is tracing a small circle right below my bra strap.

Suddenly his mouth is off of my own. I feel his warm breath in my ear as he whispers, “I am going to undress you now and enjoy every inch of your skin.” I shiver in excitement as he opens the door.

Gently pushing me on top of the bed, his legs straddle either side of my body. I watch as his eyes slowly take in every curve of my body. Slowly, he pulls up my shirt to reveal my bra. With light feathery kisses, he slowly makes his way to the base of my jeans. I feel his tongue lick a wet line right above my jeans. My breath quickens as he unbuttons and pulls my jeans off my body.

kiss-herHe stops suddenly and stares at me with such an admiration that I can’t help but to moan out.

“Beautiful,” he whispers and kisses right below my breasts before murmuring, “I am going to take that bra off and show your beautiful breasts the attention they deserve.”

His fingers trail up my sides and then across my back before easily unclasping my bra. I feel the straps slip off my shoulders before his warm hands remove it completely from me. His index finger traces lightly across my breast before he starts to pinch at my nipple. At first it’s just a slight pinch, but that turns into a fierce hard pinch that has me gasping and moaning in a pleasurable pain. The feeling is the replaced by his warm soft lips as he starts to suck and lick at my nipples.

He brushes the hair that has fallen into my face and whispers to me, “Now I am going to make you orgasm, with those panties still on.”

Shivers run up my legs as his fingers run up my thighs. His hand just hovering over my pussy in anticipation of what is to come. Ever so lightly, his index finger traces my slit through my panties.

I bite my lip.

He slips a finger under my panties and I can feel a warm tingle start to grow between my legs. His finger circles my core before pulsing up to circle my clit. Varying pressure he circles my clit again and then makes his way down to my core again. Slowly he presses his index finger into my core.


“I am so wet for you” I moan out to him.


Moral: Talk her through it. Every step along the way tease her with anticipation for the next step.

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