Make Her Orgasm With Nothing But Your Fingers

Fingers can be magical if you use them right. I never knew how great they were until I spent a night with a guy that made me orgasm with nothing but his fingers alone. It’s a skill that requires a bit of attention, but once you get it down, you will have her cumming back again and again.

Let me tell you how it began…


We’re cuddled up underneath a blanket in his bed watching a movie. His arm that is around my shoulder slowly travels lower to play with the edge of my shirt. I am in nothing but one of his large shirts and my cotton panties. I bit my lip as I feel him start to play with the edge of my panties. His thumb runs underneath the top of my panties to graze the top of my mound and I am no longer paying any attention to the movie as I am so turned on. A low moan escapes my body as I feel his fingers travel lower and lower. His index finger ever so lightly moves across the slit of my pussy lips. With a touch like a feather he traces my pussy lips. My breathing is getting heavier and heavier. He slowly inserts his index finger into my now wet lips.

“Yes” I moan out.

I feel his finger press harder into me and slow raise up to my clit. His finger starts to circle my clit with various pressure. Hard…soft…hard…soft the various pressure is causing my hips to thrust into his hands.

Suddenly he stops.

his-hand-on-my-pussyI am about ready to beg for his hand to be back on me, but then I hear and feel the sudden rip of my panties. He ripped the panties clear off my body and now there nothing between his hand and my dripping wet pussy.

I feel his hand back on me.

His fingers roughly pinching at my clit. My body is arching into his hand as I gasp out in complete pleasure and pain. Just when I think I can’t handle it anymore, he stops pinching my clit and slowly starts to gently rub my clit. Circling lower and lower he gets closer and closer to my core. I gasp as his middle finger enters my core.

Slowly, still circling his finger gets deeper and deeper inside me.

With his finger buried deep inside me, he curls it. I gasp as he finds the soft fleshy spot right behind my pubic bone that drives me wild when it’s pressed. Slowly he pulls his finger out of my core. He circles my entrance once again before shoving two finger into me hard and deep. I gasp out in pleasure as I feel my whole body tighten around his fingers. He expertly curls his fingers again, but this time he is slowly pulsing at that spot I adore so much. Then he adds to the pleasure by pressing his thumb firmly into my clit. I can feel my pussy start to tighten around his fingers.

My orgasm is beginning to build.

My breath is ragged and the only thing escaping my mouth is moan after moan.

His fingers start to uncurl and re-curl faster and faster inside of me. His thumb presses harder and harder into me. It feels like there is a cord in the pit of it all that is getting wound tighter and tighter. With one final hard push into my core, that cord breaks and I am orgasming all over his hand.


Every woman is different. Some women have their magical spots in other places: deeper down, closer to the clit, further away from the clit. The secret is to listen to her and hear what makes her moan the most. And when you do. Use it for all it is worth. Be relentless with her pleasure and you will have her cumming shortly.

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