Can You Really Get A Bigger Penis?

The truth about male enhancement products that promise to give you a bigger dick.

bigger-penisGoogle the phrase “how to get a bigger penis” and no doubt you’ll be presented with all kinds of products that claim they can do the job quickly and easily, with just the simple investment of your hard-earned money and a little bit of your time. You’ll likely see an especially high number of so-called “dick pills,” as well as penis stretchers, both of which promise to make your penis longer and thicker on a permanent basis.

It’s time to explore these claims to find out which, if any, of these products really will give users a permanently bigger penis.

Do Penis Pills Work?

Plain and simple, the answer is no way. No matter what they are claiming on their website, there just is not a pill that can give you a larger dick. There are some penis pills that can be effective for attaining larger and harder erections, but the effect will always be a temporary one and when the erection is over, the increase in size will be as well.

The fact of the matter is that no pill out there has the power to increase dick size and if you need proof, consider this: if there were a pill that could enlarge penises, wouldn’t almost every man with the funds to pay for it be walking around with an enormous dick? Of course they would.

If you need help getting or sustaining an erection, or if you’re hoping to get a little more size during an erection, penis pills might be the answer. But for anyone who is looking for a way to make their dick bigger for good, taking pills will effectively result in nothing more than hopes dashed and a waste of money.

pillsWhat Sex Pills Can Do:

  • Give you an erection that is larger
  • Make your erection longer-lasting
  • Increase the rigidity of your erections

What About Penis Stretchers?

As it turns out, there are really only two ways for a man to get a bigger penis. One is with surgery, a painful and costly measure that can often actually wind up being less permanent than the patient would hope. The other is with a penis stretcher, which can actually change the size and shape of your dick for the long haul. Penis stretchers, when used on a regular basis for at least a couple of months, are capable of adding both length and girth to the organ, due to the fact that they actually increase the amount of tissue that is present.

penis-enlargement-stretcherThe way that penis stretchers work is akin to the way that lifting weights will help to build more muscle in your arms, legs or torso. They will often use weights or traction in order to stretch the penis and hold it in a state of tension for a prolonged period of time. The prescribed amount of time for using a penis stretcher will vary by manufacturers, though most say that anything over an hour without a break isn’t a good idea. Ideally, you will work your way up to that length of time by starting out with shorter sessions and increasing your use gradually in order to mitigate soreness.

It’s not uncommon to experience some mild soreness when you first start to use virtually any type of stretching device, so it’s important that you always take breaks in order to give your dick time to recover. The good news is that this discomfort will generally fade once your penis becomes a little less sensitive to the equipment and to the stretched position. An added bonus is that in the same way that some of the benefits of going to the gym actually occur while you are at rest, the effects of using a penis stretcher will continue to accrue even when you take a day off to give your dick a rest.

stronger-orgasmsThe Benefits of Penis Stretchers:

  • They can give you a permanent increase in size
  • They are able to help you get more substantial erections
  • They can straighten out a curvature in the penis

There may not be a quick pill fix that will get you a bigger penis, but it should serve as some comfort that there is at least one non-surgical technique to increase the size of your package. In fact, with the help of a high-quality penis stretcher, a larger dick really can be yours in just a matter of time.

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