F**k For the First Time Like a Boss

Let’s face it. Losing your virginity is just about the most important event in a young man’s life. In this day and age, it seems that guys are constantly being pressured to go out and have sex with as many girls as they can, which can sometimes be a bit hard on those who haven’t encountered their first vagina yet.

Here are some tips that will help you through this great adventure.

Pick a location that you will be comfortable at.

This is super important, guys!

You may know a few friends who boast about boning girls left and right in fields, alleys, even school… but that isn’t always the best idea for firsttimers. Losing your V-card can be just as nervewracking for guys as it is for girls, and being in a risky place just might put more unneeded pressure on you. Try to stick with the standard bed until you are comfortable doing it outside.

Bring condoms with you.

Hey, guys, this is the 21st Century.

Condoms are readily available at every drug store and deli nowadays. They even give them away for free at some schools and medical clinics. Don’t just assume that the girl you’re with is on birth control or going to have condoms herself. Don’t be left unprotected, because pregnancy and STDs are real risks. Don’t fall prey to the whole pulling out scam – your first time will be hard enough without thinking about pulling out. So, do yourself a favor and rap it up!

Hygiene is priority.

It might seem trivial, but just to review: No one wants to have sex with someone who looks dirty.

Make sure you thoroughly wash yourself, especially your penile area, You want to smell as good as possible. Also, trimming your secondincommand is never a bad idea. You don’t have to go fullshaved, but girls like a groomed guy. The hair may scratch her and make her vag itchy, and no girl likes giving head if they are going to have hair in their mouth.

Foreplay is a blessing.

I highly recommend that you do some foreplay before going all the way.

Foreplay can be a real lifesaver, as it can help you become more comfortable with the sexual aspect and having someone see you naked. Head also will help your little (or big) warrior reach maximum hardness to be ready for the job. Also, try to get the girl as wet as possible; it’ll make it easier for you to slip right on in.


Some tips for foreplay: Play with her nipples, but don’t be too rough. Remember, her boobs are attached and sensitive. Try massaging them and licking and sucking her nipples. And don’t be afraid to go down. Girls get their wettest when they’ve been thoroughly eaten out. Lick the clit, first slow, then fast. Kiss her thighs. Slip a finger or two in there while you’re doing it to maximize her pleasure and loosen her up, but don’t be too rough.

Dress lightly.

You’ve got enough problems to deal with without having to worry about taking off layers of clothing. That could hinder your progress and lose the mood. Dress as light as you possible can, weather allowing, just to make it easier. If you have to wear a coat or sweaters, take them off before you guys start messing around.

Eat some bananas beforehand.

Bananas stimulate lebido and will make your orgasm even better. Rumor has it they also make your cum taste better, if you’re into a girl who swallows! At any rate, they are nutritious and will boost your energy. Tuna and nuts are also good alternatives. Just make sure to brush your teeth after.

Take hints from your partner.

Don’t be afraid to take the reins, but don’t be afraid to let her take the reins either.


Girls will let you know with their eyes what they are comfortable with and what they don’t want to do.

Try not to pressure her, and try to read the signs she is trying to communicate with you.

It’s also not a bad idea to let her ride–only if she has experience though. And if it’s her first time too, be gentle, because it hurts like hell for a girl. She may bleed a bit, but that’s normal.

Some general facts and tips:

  1. Queefing may occur at some point, especially if you shift positions during intercourse or if you hit it from behind. It sounds like farting, so don’t be alarmed.
  2. Your penis will slip out/be hard to get in at some point. Don’t get frustrated; just try to reposition properly.
  3. It’s wet in there, so bring something to clean up with.
  4. You will most likely cum very quickly; it’s typical for the first time.
  5. Size really doesn’t matter, as long as you are maneuvering correctly.
  6. Keep a steady pace; it helps the girl get pleasure.
  7. Just relax and have fun!
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