Breathe Deep For Better Sex

Couples who experiences troubles in bed know all too well how frustrating it can be. Whether it’s one partner struggling, or both, issues in the bedroom can lead to other issues in the relationship.

Self-confidence can wain, desire can diminish, and a total sense of intimacy and connection can be completely lost if one partner feels unwanted, or both feel as though there’s nothing they can do to regain the intimacy between them. Just because a couple is struggling, sexually, doesn’t mean they’ve lost their love for each other, or their spark of interest. Unfortunately, there could be many reasons for these struggles, from the minor, to the medical. That’s the ‘bad news’ of it all.

The good news?


For most of these issues, there is some kind of cure, technique, or action to take in order to fix it.

The even better news? A great way to start on the pathway to fixing the issues is something you literally do all the time: breathing.

Don’t I Do That Already?

Granted, it’s not your everyday inhaling and exhaling that’s going to get you better results in bed. If that were the case, you wouldn’t have a problem to begin with.

However, studies have shown that deep breathing exercises can work wonders for both men and women struggling with different sexual issues.

Firstly, deep breathing, and even meditation of some sort to compliment your breathing, relaxes your mind and body. Sex can sometimes be hindered by stress, so being able to let go of that tension can automatically make a better experience in the bedroom.

How Can Breathing Help Me?

For men, deep breathing has been known to be a great way to take control of premature ejaculation.

According to Dr. Christopher Asandra, M.D., from NuMale Medical Centers, deep breathing cannot only calm your nerves, but oxygenate the blood to create more endorphins.

In turn, this offers a relaxed, happy feeling, much like you might feel after completing a long workout, or even falling in love.

It’s best to turn exercises like deep breathing into a habit, rather than only using the technique when you absolutely feel stressed. Making it a part of your everyday life can keep your stress levels lower overall, and you may even notice improvements in other areas of your life.

For women, there are actually several breathing techniques, considered to be ‘rhythmic’ breathing, that can help to achieve stronger orgasm. These techniques increase blood flow, reduce stress, and ultimately, allow more oxygen to enter your bloodstream.


By breathing deeply and rhythmically, you can also teach yourself to focus more. Numerous studies have been done on both men and women with MRI technology, to observe that a man’s brain during sex is focused solely on the sex itself, while a woman’s brain can be thinking about many different things, from the sex itself, to the laundry she left in the dryer. Deep breathing exercises can really help women to focus more on the present.

These are only a few options for both men and women. Of course, deep breathing exercises themselves may not be the ‘cure all’ for everyone struggling with sexual issues, but ultimately, it is a no-cost, easy way to start on a pathway to sexual recovery. Plus, the other health benefits that come along with it are worth enough to at least give it a try. Don’t be afraid to research examples of breathing patterns and rhythms for yourself, and try what is most comfortable for you.

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